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School Skills

Nursery and Preschool / Gymboree On The Go

As the global leader in classes for children under 5, Gymboree has a wealth of expertise that we can directly into the community or school, institution or business. It is a unique offering backed up by the quality and professionalism for which we are globally recognised.

Our On The Go programmes will offer the same principles and components as in our sites and are modified and tailored to the age-group, requirements and amount of children.


  • Appropriate programming for the specific development stage of the group.
  • Enthusiastic, experienced and trained Gymboree teachers.
  • Our unique Gymboree curriculum, props and equipment.
  • Flexibility of class times.


  • Learning through play, music, art and movement.
  • An offering for those who due to their routines would not otherwise be able to attend a Gymboree class.
  • The use of our global brand for your own publicity.
  •  Another element for you to distinguishing yourself from your competition.
  • A class offering in English and Italian.
  • Well prepared and planned classes to suit your needs.
  • A free trial class before committing to the programme.

An overview of the classes we are looking to offer:

Play & Movement Sessions

Fun and high energy sessions featuring movement and physical activities and the use of music, props and select pieces of apparatus.

Music & Dance Sessions

Musical expression made fun with exciting sessions filled with song, dance and hands-on instrument exploration.

Art Sessions

Theme-based, mixed-media art sessions featuring collage, sculpture, painting, drawing and much more. Children take home two masterpieces from each Art session!