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School Skills

Gymboree English3 - 6 years

Learning English is a game!

Gymboree English is an English course for children aged between 3 and 5 years old (up until his or her sixth birthday) unaccompanied by a parent.

The lessons last for an hour and are based specifically on learning English using fun and interactive activities which include games, art, motor activities, music and lots more!

How do the lessons work?

  • The lessons are based on a specific theme which changes every two weeks and include various activities which reinforce the theme in different ways.
  • The activities organized each week include songs, art, imaginary play, motor activities, music and lots more.
  • All of the lessons will be taken entirely in English by a mother-tongue English teacher.
  • Each week the children will take home a journal of the day and their artwork.
  • The aim of the lesson is to make learning English natural and fun, with particular focus on the sounds of the language, which is key for the future development of an accurate accent.
  • The maximum number of children in each lesson is 8.

Gymboree English helps children to familiarize themselves with the English language and learn words and key concepts in a natural and fun way!