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Benefits of joining Gymboree

"Children participating in this program are more likely to enter kindergarten with the social, emotional, physical, and academic skills needed for early and ongoing success."

English School Skills

English School Skills2 - 5 years

Art, Music, Motor Skills and lots and lots of English!

Build the key social, emotional and intellectual skills needed for school and life with specially designed classes for ages 2 - 5. Activities help develop confidence, curiosity, communication, perseverance and cooperation, giving your child a solid foundation for future learning environments.

One of the most important things you can give your child is a love of learning. Our school skill classes help your child make that important transition to academic learning by way of a creative bridge. Our programme instils classroom curiosity and a genuine love of learning.

Children build self-confidence through art, math, language, movement and more. Early literacy skills are established through books, and school readiness activities explore and nurture key social and emotional skills. Activities require cooperation and self-awareness, and encourage communication with peers. Critical thinking, collaboration and creative problem solving are the essential modes of learning in our English School Skills programme. These classes include both independent and group learning activities to promote the important personal and social skills needed for a successful transition into elementary school.

English School Skills classes are a fun-filled 1-3 hour drop-off preschool programme.