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Benefits of joining Gymboree

"Gymboree's 'follow the lead of the child approach' helps young children learn 'how to learn' and supports them in becoming confident, lifelong learners."

Sensory Baby Play

Sensory Baby Play 0 - 6 months

The Thoughtful Observer: Becoming Calm, Attentive and Interested in the World

As global experts in early childhood development, Gymboree is thrilled to offer our Sensory Baby Play classes dedicated to pre-mobile babies. Gymboree's expertise in baby development spans several decades and is illustrated in our impressive range of books including "365 Activities You and Your Baby Will Love" and "365 Activities You and Your Toddler Will Love".

Sensory Baby Play classes are designed to introduce babies to new sights, sounds and sensory experiences. The class also introduces parents and carers to the many ways to stimulate very young babies. Our classes provide parents with an entire repertoire of songs and age-appropriate activities to take home each week.

Sensory Baby Play classes use song, movement, puppets, fibre optics, bubbles, musical instruments and baby-sized apparatus. In every class we enjoy group activities and then exploration of our "Sensory Stations" which include countless hands-on props which provide endless amusement for the babies – and adults too!

As parents ourselves, we value the importance of taking our young children to play in places that observe the highest level of hygiene and we can guarantee you that Gymboree is one of those places! We know that children learn through all their senses and we personally ensure that props, toys and equipment are always thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each class. Gymboree members know that we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and are vigilant that the utmost standards are maintained at all times.